Hello, I am Ye Htun , Web Develop & Design

Web Designer / Developer with 5 years of experience in the design and development of innovative static and dynamic websites. Core capabilities include standard-based Web programming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, database-driven site development and content-management system programming with PHP and MySQL, SEO basic,interface development, writing user-interface style guide documentation. Experience in designing database structures and developing backend website.

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Fields & Area of expertise

Html,CSS,PHP, AngualrJs, ReactJs & do new is great..

Main area of my expertise is Backend Developing with PHP framework such as CakePHP, Codeigniter, Laravel.Often i work as full-stack developing from begin to the end. I'm avaliable in designing that require in web with Photoshop. I have some experiences of NodeJS, Angular, React

My Skills

Photoshop . HTML CSS JS . Web Design

Frontend Design 70%
Backend processing 80%
HTML5 & CSS3 80%


Most used

Angular Js

Loading a part of it

React Js



Coding is cool

My Experiences

Previous companies and my tasks

Programmer - NITS2013 Jul - 2018

Programmer , Web Developer and Project Executive functions..

Freelance Developer 2015 Oct - 2017 Jan

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My Education

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Bachlor Degree 2007 Jan - 2011 Jan

Computer Software Major

Software Development -ICTTI 2012 Nov - 2013 Apr

Java EE, Software Dev, High way bus Ticket Project



Recolite (clone)



Myanmar Reader


Golden Golory